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Crown and Luxe

Teal x Purple Reversible Satin Bonnet (Adjustable)

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All the hair luxury for the jeweled tone lover.

Bonnet features an elastic drawstring cord that allows you to adjust to your heart's desire.


Fits up to mid back length hair. Accommodating enough for locs, braids and other added hair protective styles.

Our handcrafted 100% satin products were created with the intention of giving your hair the protection and luxury it craves. Now you can look forward to:

- Healthier hair

- Moisturised hair

- Shiny Hair

- High quality products

Please allow up to 3 days for orders to be processed. 

Delivery time for orders are:

Trinidad and Tobago: 2 days


"Feels so luxurious and amazing."- Sucoria

Live the luxe life always

Our products elevate your hair and self-care routine.