On a hunt for quality and stylish satin products herself to protect her hair to no avail, our founder Ghyanne decided to make her own.



At the time I had just started my natural hair journey and was trying my best 
to do all the right things to ensure my hair was healthy. After experiencing the benefits of satin products for my hair, I became increasingly tired of purchasing the flimsy and poorly made items at the beauty supply store.
At the time high quality satin products were not easily accessible to me. Coincidentally, I had just taken up sewing as a hobby. With the help of my mom, who encouraged me to sew my own to ensure it fit my thick hair and fussy style preferences, the first bonnet was made.

Excitedly, I shared my creation on Facebook and soon realised there were many others experiencing the same problem. 


You deserve to have your best hair days everyday.
Our mission is to curate products that help you achieve that. Our offerings with quality and style in mind. We originate from the beautiful island of Tobago which influences our bold and unique colour combinations. 
All bonnets are made by our founder, Ghyanne and her mom, Alicia. 
Our mantra is "Your Secret to Better Hair''


Let us make your hair journey a pleasant and fun adventure!