Satin has been proven by scientists and dermatologists alike to provide excellent hair and skin care benefits.




Traditionally, cotton absorbs. This results in our sheets and pillowcases sucking up all your hard working hair products and causing unnecessary friction while sleeping. The same can be said for cotton linings in our caps and hats we wear daily. 


Satin eliminates this problem

The silky smooth textures means hair can glide over it without the unwanted friction that causes tangles, split ends, dryness, bed head and hat hair. It keeps the moisture where it belongs; in your hair. It can also help to preserve your styles such as braids, wash an go's , locs for longer. 



It provides skincare benefits too!

For the exact reasons above i.e. the reduction in friction, this means satin also can give your skin a little love too.

Our satin pillowcases prevent the friction from tossing and turning that causes creases in the skin. The silky smooth surface can reduce that effect in the long run. It's smoothness  also means it’s less likely to absorb moisture from skin. Your skin can remain supple and hydrated, allowing your skin products to do its job.


If you feel like something is missing in your haircare routine...

A lot of women take pride in their hair. They buy a multitude of hair products. However still suffer from pesky split ends, dullness, frizz and dry hair. If this is you, then you will benefit greatly and be a believer in the magic of satin.



  Crown & Luxe brings together hair protection and style.

We focus on utilising high quality satin material to ensure your hair and skin gets the very best. Whether you purchase our satin bonnets, pillowcases or backless lined hats; your hair is in for a luxurious treat.